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With our unique digital network we are able to create a solution that perfectly matches your needs. When content is of high-quality and speaks to the readers, the result is an exceptionally strong channel of influence.

Display advertising allows efficient targeting and it is also a cost-effective way of reaching large audiences quickly. The aim of an advertising campaign may be to increase brand awareness, to create and strengthen brand image, to retarget your advertising or to provide a reminder for previous website visitors.

Choosing the right advertising formats and creative solutions allows you to use display advertising successfully througout each sales phase. We will be happy to help you achieve this.

A high-quality media environment plays a major role in display advertising. First and foremost, display marketing creates mental images and therefore it is important to display an advertisement in an environment, which is aligned with your brand’s values. Our website is user-friendly to both advertisers and readers. We know our audience and the type of content they want to consume. The ad placements are clear, and only a few ads are shown at a time.

You can target your advertisements to cover A-lehdet Group’s entire selection of magazines. Targeting online can either be website-specific (A-lehdet ROS) or network-specific (A-lehdet RON). In addition to the A-lehdet brands, you can base your targeting on demographics, interests, time and location or device - alternatively we can provide tailored data-driven targeting to meet your specific needs.

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