Native advertising

Native advertising strengthens your brand and activates your target group. Read our three tips for successful native advertising.

Native advertising is a form of content marketing conducted with a seamlessly fitting method within a selected medium. Different types of ad blockers are being increasingly used, making native advertising a good way of engaging consumers. Native content is as interesting, addictive and attractive as any other content form, and it takes advantage of journalistic methods and approaches. Native advertising is open and transparent, which is why it is always labelled as “sponsored” or “advertisement” to distinguish it from journalistic content.

Native advertising can take various forms: the content may be an online article, print advertorial, video, podcast or even a WhatsApp drama, a.k.a. chat fiction. What matters is that the content addresses your intended target audience in the right way through the appropriate medium, and conveys your company’s message in a compelling way. See our 3 tips for native advertising!

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