Terms and Conditions of A-lehdet Oy's Online Services

Terms and Conditions of A-lehdet Oy's Online Services
Use of A-lehdet Online Services requires that you abide by these terms of use.
Published 26.4.2020

Updated on 31 March 2020

1. General

These terms and conditions apply to A-lehdet Oy’s (‘A-lehdet’) online services (‘Service’). By using the Service, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. If any special terms applied to an individual part of a Service are in conflict with these general terms and conditions, the special terms of the Service will apply.

2. The Service

Service provision. The Service is normally available 24/7, unless otherwise stated for a specific Service. A-lehdet neither offers any direct or indirect guarantees regarding the operation or features of the Service nor guarantees that the Service will work without any interruptions or errors. A-lehdet retains the right to discontinue the Service either partially or completely, if it so chooses, without a liability to pay any compensation, and the right to temporarily suspend the Service or its part due to maintenance or other reasons.

Service use. You are provided with a restricted access to the Service, in accordance with these terms and conditions. You will be responsible for the acquisition, installation, maintenance and costs of the devices, software, data and data transfer connections required to use the Service.

Registration. The use of certain parts of the Service may require registration. Only users who are 13 or older may register. The user ID created during the registration is personal and may not be transferred or disclosed to a third party. By registering yourself as an A-lehdet user, you become a customer of A-lehdet, and your personal datainformation will be saved in the A-lehdet customer data base. You agree to provide correct and truthful information about yourself when registering and to keep this information up to date. You will be responsible for all user activity taking place under your user ID. If you lose your user ID or a third party obtains it illegally, you must notify A-lehdet customer services without delay.

Preventing access to the Service. A-lehdet has the right to prevent Service use and remove any material that is in breach of the law, public decency or the protected rights of a third party; or that places a disproportionate burden on the Service or the network; or threatens information security or data protection; or causes disruption to Service users, other third parties or A-lehdet; or is any other way in breach of these terms and conditions or other rules pertaining to the use of the Service. If A-lehdet deems it necessary, it may also prevent access to the Service without a prior notification.

Paid services. The basic services that are part of the Service are free. Some parts of the Service may also be paid. Furthermore, various types of paid products may be available for purchase via the Service. The prices of paid services and products, as well as the payment terms, are specified for each service separately. In addition to these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of A-lehdet subscriptions will also apply to paid services and can be viewed in Finnish at: https://lehtitilaukset.a-lehdet.fi/tilausehdot.

3. Rights

A-lehdet material. The visual appearance of the Service and the copyright, industrial property rights and other protected rights belong to A-lehdet or its contract partners. You do not have the right to reproduce, distribute or disclose to an audience, put on public display or show publicly any content you have received via the Service; or to use the Service or its content in a way that contradicts these terms and conditions or the Copyright Act.

User material. A-lehdet has the right, free of charge, to use and republish or transfer to a third party any material you have submitted either in a modified or the original form and either partially or as a whole and/or combined with other material via the Service to the public areas of the Service (such as forums). A-lehdet will not return any material, such as pictures or text, that you have submitted.

4. Forums and commenting

Writer’s responsibility for their messages. The Service may include a chat forum or a comment function. A-lehdet will not be responsible for the opinions expressed in the discussions or comments. Every discussion participant will be responsible for any criminal offence or damages resulting from the content of their messages.

Removing messages and/or forum participants. A-lehdet has the right to remove messages and discussions from the forum or comment sections if a user is in breach of the law or public decency or if A-lehdet has other reasonable grounds to do so. The administrator may remove a user who has broken the rules from the forum either temporarily or permanently. On reasonable grounds, A-lehdet has the right to disclose a user’s personal data or identifying information connected to a message sent by the user to the authorities.

5. Responsibilities

The user’s responsibility for content they have submitted. You will be responsible for all the material you submit to the Service or distribute via the Service to other users. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the material is not in breach of a third party’s copyright, industrial property rights or other protected rights, or these terms and conditions, legislation or public decency. You agree to pay damages to A-lehdet or a third party for any expenses or harm caused by non-compliance with this Section. If you submit pictures or video material to the Service, you will be responsible for ensuring that you have all the necessary copyright and other rights for the material, i.e. that you have recorded or otherwise created the material yourself; or that the people who created the material or took part in its creation have granted you all the necessary copyrights (including the right to modify or redistribute the material); and that the person who recorded the material had a permission to do so. You also declare that you have not disclosed and will not disclose the material to be used exclusively by a third party.

Permission from people in pictures or videos: You must have permission from all the people in your pictures/videos for the material to be used and processed by A-lehdet for a commercial purpose and in other ways it deems appropriate. If requested, you must be able to prove you have this permission. If the person is under 18, you must be able to prove you have permission from their guardian, if requested.

Publishing and removing material: A-lehdet has the right, at its discretion, not to publish material you have submitted to the Service and to remove material already published in the Service.

The responsibility of A-lehdet for the Service and its content. The Service content is displayed, without any obligation, ‘as is’ and ‘as available’. A-lehdet is not responsible or liable for any damages caused by a malfunction or a disruption in the Service, prevented access to the Service, errors or incomplete information in the Service, the discontinuation of the Service or its part; or any failures or malfunctions of devices or software. A-lehdet will not be liable for any indirect damage or damage caused by disproportionate disruption to the operations resulting from a force majeure situation or similar. A-lehdet will only be liable for redistributing an erroneous Service. When it comes to a paid Service, the liability of A-lehdet for any damage is always limited to an amount not exceeding the sum you have paid for the Service for the damage period. However, the abovementioned rules do not restrict the rights granted to you by consumer protection legislation.

6. Changes

Changes to the Service. A-lehdet aims to further develop its Service and to ensure it functions as smoothly as possible. A-lehdet has the right to change or remove e.g. content, structures or service times of the Service or its constituent parts.

Price changes and termination of a Service. We have the right to change the price of a paid Service due to an increase or decrease in its production costs, or if the price change is based on amendments to legislation or a decision by the authorities. We may also terminate a Service or a paid Service either completely or partially on reasonable grounds. A price change becomes effective at the beginning of the next invoice period, and customers will be notified at least thirty (30) days in advance. You always have the right to end your subscription by the date that the price change becomes effective by notifying A-lehdet. If we discontinue a paid Service, we agree to reimburse you for the sum equal to the remaining amount you have paid for the use of the terminated paid Service. The compensation is paid, provided that it exceeds the amount of five (5) euros and that you provide A-lehdet with the necessary bank details. A price increase based on an amendment to legislation or a decision by the authorities may be taken into account from the moment it comes into effect.

Changes to the terms and conditions. We are continuously developing our operations and service selection, which is why we may occasionally need to change these terms and conditions. We will notify our customers about significant changes before they come into effect in the Service or via another electronic or written mode we deem appropriate. The changes will take effect on a specified date. By continuing to use the Service after a change to the terms and conditions, you agree to comply with the changed terms and conditions.

7. Other terms and conditions

Data protection. We process your personal data and our partners’ cookies in accordance with the privacy policy and cookie policy of A-lehdet, which can be read at: www.a-lehdet.com/articles/privacy-policy and www.a-lehdet.com/articles/cookie-policy.

Links to other services. The Service may include links and connections to third party websites. The terms and other rules of a third party will apply to services and applications provided by the third party, and A-lehdet will not be responsible for these websites or applications in any way. For example, the conditions of use and the privacy policy of Tipser apply to the online shop constructed by Tipser. These documents can be read at https://www.tipser.com/terms and https://www.tipser.com/terms-privacy.

Transferring an agreement or access right. You do not have the right to transfer your right to access the Service to a third party without prior written permission from A-lehdet. A-lehdet has the right to transfer the Service, its maintenance and the related customer accounts to a third party by providing a notification about it in the Service.

Applicable law. Finnish law will be applied to these terms and conditions, excluding the rules on choice of law.

Resolving disagreements. We primarily aim to resolve disagreements through negotiations. Any disagreements we cannot resolve through amicable negotiations will be resolved by the District Court of Helsinki. Alternatively, you may lodge a complaint with the competent district court of your domicile. As a consumer, you also have the option of requesting that the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/index.html) resolve the disagreement. Before making such a request, you must contact the Consumer Advisory Services (www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-advice/) of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Contact information. Our customer services will be happy to help you. You can find our customer services’ contact information here:

A-lehdet Oy

Business ID: 1708790-7

Street address: Risto Rytin tie 33, 00570 Helsinki

Postal address: 00081, A-lehdet

Telephone: +358 (0)9 759 6600 (customer service), +358 (0)9 759 61 (switchboard)