Influencer marketing

With the A-lehdet influencers, you can reach committed audiences under a number of themes. Read more about the opportunities influencer marketing can offer.

The power of influencer marketing is based on peer recommendations. Influencers are followed by committed communities that are interested in the influencer’s life, views, thoughts and recommendations. Followers look for inspiration, new information and support for their own decisions from blogs, videos, social media and podcasts.

Skilful influencer marketing combined with the appropriate content enables companies to communicate about their products, services, values and actions to the influencer’s followers. A successful influencer concept is based on an idea, insight or approach, which appeals to reason and emotion - it is effective, convincing and touching.

We at A-lehdet represent nearly 50 influencers who are able to reach audiences interested in , for example, well-being, health, lifestyle, home and food. Furthermore, our work with Sony Music Finland and Conquer Gaming enable influencer marketing with top Finnish artists and competitive gamers.

We see influencer marketing as a strategy in which we identify the key influencers for our client’s business and determine the influencers’ role as part of productive marketing communications. We offer you our target group, data and content-related expertise and will have the same team plan, coordinate and implement all the elements of our content solution.

We will work with you to plan the solution and decide on the goals and indicators:

  • We will find suitable influencers and plan the best approach with them in detail.
  • We will create a polished content concept and a schedule for implementing the measures.
  • We will take responsibility for the influencer campaign’s production throughout all channels.
  • We will monitor and optimise the campaign regularly.
  • We will go over report and analysis together during the collaboration periods.

A-lehdet influencer solutions

Influencer strategy

In our strategy workshops, we create a framework for your company’s influencer marketing approach. We determine the role and goals of the influencer marketing strategy as part of marketing communications as well as determine appropriate indicators. The strategy helps in achieving long-term and continuous cooperation with the influencers, which in turn yield the best results.

Influencer partnerships

Influencer partnership refers to long-term collaboration conducted with one or more influencers. Continuity aims to deepen trust with the influencer’s audience, to make the product/service more widely and intimately known and to make the audience remember the product/service better. We will find an influencer that suits your goals and content, and will create a plan and content concept for continuous collaboration through various channels.

Influencer events

Power through encounters! Shared experiences are memorable, and people also want to share them in social media. Together with the event management agency BOM, we create memorable, visual events where the target groups include influencers, followers and reporters. Events are an excellent way of setting yourself apart from your competitors, increasing the time people spend with your brand or demonstrating the use of your product/service in an inspiring environment.

Game strategies and e-athlete partnerships

Together with Conquer Gaming, an expert in gaming and e-sports, we provide effective solutions to reach game-players. Finland is one of the most rapidly growing markets in gaming. By working together with gamers and using gaming-centred platforms, you can target an audience that traditional TV and print media can no longer reach. In the gaming community, the best results are achieved through long-term content collaboration that benefits the community and through good ideas that are based on a specific e-athlete’s brand.

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