Influencer marketing

Multi-channel influencer marketing with decades of experience. Read more about the opportunities our influencer marketing can offer!

The multimedia influencer marketing opportunities offered by A-lehdet will help you reach committed audiences in several subject areas. The most popular influencers in Finland, combined with the content marketing solutions offered by an agile media operator, are an unbeatable combo. We can guarantee that you will successfully reach your target audience through our cooperation.

Trailblazer in influencer marketing since 2011

Today, influencer marketing is more popular than ever – through influencers, you can reach the relevant target groups at the right moment and convey commercial messages in a way that is easy to identify with.

A-lehdet has paved the way in influencer marketing in Finland since 2011. Over the course of this more than a decade-long journey, we have experienced the development of influencer marketing in many ways, learned from thousands of influencer campaigns and further developed our efficiency and insight.

Our influencer marketing is always based on a win-win scenario. We bring together the influencers best suited for the brand and prepare the strategically most functional plan based on the goals. Planning long-term influencer collaborations is our special expertise.

Our content marketing opportunities make it possible to implement broader influencer campaigns, to which we add the power of our major media brands through printed, social and digital media. As a media operator, we can ensure that our influencer cooperation will reach its target audience.

Media operator’s full expertise at your disposal

We offer you our expertise in target groups, data and content. We will plan, coordinate and implement all pieces of the whole with you, using the same team:

  1. We will find suitable influencers and plan the best approach with them in detail.
  2. We will create a polished strategy and content concept and prepare a schedule for implementing the measures.
  3. We will assume the main responsibility for the influencer campaign’s production in all channels.
  4. We will monitor and optimise the campaign regularly.
  5. We will analyse and report on the campaign once it has ended and give you ideas for future development.
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