Here you can view our prices for magazine and online advertising. Contact the A-lehdet B2B sales for more information on prices related to our native solutions and influencer marketing.
Published 10.2.2019

Currently valid VAT is added to all prices. We reserve the right to make changes to the price list.

Magazine advert prices

Additional fee for specific location + 10%.

Insert prices

Examples of all product samples must be sent to A-lehdet in advance so that we can ensure they can be attached by machine. The prices are verified once the printer has confirmed that the samples can be used as inserts. Discounts are not available for bulk orders. The minimum net fee for inserts is €1,900/magazine.

Area-specific distribution:

  • Insert price + 20%
  • Different inserts to different areas + 20% + €180 for technical costs/area

Online advertising prices

Display advertising

Retargeting + 30%



Data allows you to utilise targeted advertising to easily find the audience you want within the online services of A-lehdet. CPM pricing with an added targeting fee is used for data targeting: one target CPM + 15%, two or more targets CPM + 30%.

With the help of website data, you can also target your advertising with relevant content, so that your ads are only shown within pre-determined content.

Targeting options:

  • User interests
  • Website content

Technical targeting options include geographical location, time and frequency. No additional fee is charged for technical targeting.

There are various types of target groups available, including IAB categorised groups.

Newsletter prices

  • Content marketing 1 250 €
  • Display ad 750 €

Sales conditions

View our sale conditions here.

Payment terms

The buyer will be fully financially responsible for all adverts it has submitted. Payment terms for media and advertising agencies: 14 days = -1%; 30 days = no discount. Payment terms for other clients: 14 days = no discount.

Bank details (please use the reference number):

A-lehdet Oy

OP: SWIFT/BIC = OKOYFIHH. IBAN = FI39 50000120001911

A-lehdet reserves the right to make changes to this information.