Advertise in Ihana magazine

Advertise in Ihana magazine
In Ihana magazine, you will reach both crafting enthusiasts and instructors, in clubs, schools and organisations.
Published 16.6.2022

Ihana magazine is a rich package of ideas that offers timely instructions and inspiration for all kinds of DIY: crafting, refurbishing and home decoration handicrafts. The carefully outlined instructions are easy to follow, and the joy of creating is guaranteed.

The themes of Finland’s most loved crafting magazine include sewing, woodwork, printing, paper crafts and crafting from recycled materials. A separate section for crafting with children is always included.

Target group: Through the Ihana brand, you will reach passionate craftspeople, who fulfil themselves through crafting, refurbishing and DIY. No technique or material is strange to them. We offer an inspiring and imaginative multichannel environment, as the community is also active on the Meillä website and the Ihana social media channels.

Basic information:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Tytti Kontula
  • Frequency: 6 issues per year
  • Print run: 10,000 copies

Publishing schedule


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Technical specifications

  • Magazine size: 217 x 280 mm
  • Printing method: Offset
  • Binding: Saddle-stitching
  • Printin locations: Printall, Estonia

Ad specifications

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