Magazine advertising

Magazine advertising
Here you can find all technical specifications for A-lehdet magazines and the guidelines for preparing and submitting advertising material.
The magazines’ printing locations and technical specifications

Advertising formats

The recipient's name and address which is needed for mailing are printed on to the back cover of the magazine with inkjet. The space required for the address is located 30 mm from the top edge of the back cover for the entire width of the magazine.

Advert dimensions

All sizes refer to the trim sizes (mm), and an additional allowance of 5 mm must be added to these dimensions for trimming. No text or other integral elements must be placed closer than 5 mm from the trim edge.
  • Group 1: Apu Terveys, Avotakka, Eeva, Image, Kaikkien aikojen Joulu, Kaikkien aikojen Jouluherkut, Kauneus & Terveys, Kotivinkki, Mondo,, Trendi, Unelmien Talo&Koti
  • Group 2: Apu*, Tuulilasi, Voi hyvin, Maku, Meidän Mökki, Meidän talo
  • Group 3: Viherpiha
* Material for Suur-Apu's magazine are delivered in the same sizes as regular Apu's material, which will then be scaled by A-lehdet to it's correct size.

Preparing material

Page size and bleed

Use the trim size of the magazine as the size of the publication. Include bleed extending 5 mm past the trim size. Bleed should be included on all edges of the advert. The excess will be cropped out during positioning. Text and logos should not be closer than 5 mm from the trim edge (size of the publication). Furthermore, the spine has an effect on text extending across the centrefold with magazines bound by glue, which must be taken into account. Normally, 6 + 6 mm is sufficient.

Colour definitions

Always use CMYK process colours as your colour definitions, since different programs handle colours, such as PMS, differently. The total amount of colour should be limited to no more than 300%. If the amount of colour exceeds 300%, we will make corrections to the material automatically.

Use of images

Make sure that your image resolution is sufficient. The resolution must be 200–300 DPI for magazines. If the resolution is lower or higher than this, the image quality will suffer. The total amount of colour should be limited to no more than 300%.


Our system supports Adobe Type 1 and Open Type fonts. When submitting material in any other format than PDF, remember to include the font faces used in the material. Please do not use True Type fonts. Always convert the fonts to paths, if possible.

Line thickness

The use of hairlines is not recommended. The actual line thickness varies depending on the printing resolution and program. Define line thickness in either pixels (PPI) or millimetres.

Submitting material

The media prices are based on material sent in PDF format and created according to Aikakausmedia ADS’s guidelines. The material is transferred to Aikakausmedia ADS’s server. Instructions on submitting material can be found at If you have further questions, please contact: Tony Salminen, tel. +358 (0)40 706 6655, email:
Registered clients can use the advert booking system and the advertising material transfer and checking service. The transfer service is free for clients submitting material or making a booking, apart from repeated transfers.
Published: 2.2.2019