Inserts and product samples

Inserts and product samples
Here you can find the guidelines on how to prepare and submit inserts and product samples.
Published 10.3.2019

Inserts and product samples

Packaging instructions for inserts

Packaging must include the following:

  • Advertiser, the insert's name
  • Magazine and issue number
  • Number of inserts
  • Name of the contact person receiving the delivery
  • An example of the insert on top of the package

Inserts bound with staples or glue

Loose on pallets with parallel-positioned folds or folds as big as possible. A sheet of cardboard/paper should be placed between layers.

Tip-ins/glued inserts

Loose on pallets or packed in cardboard. Parallel folds or folds as big as possible.

Product samples

Arranged to face the same direction. Rows and layers need to be separated with cardboard. Pack the samples in boxes.

Note. Sample bags should only be filled up to 25% of their maximum volume. The sample bag seams must be 5 mm wide and able to withstand the pressure from being stacked on a pallet.

Delivery addresses for inserts

Please remember to always check the delivery address for inserts from your contact person or by messaging