Here you can read our guidelines for preparing and submitting newsletter material.
Published 9.2.2019

Advert dimensions

Preparing material

Content marketing

  • Image size: 560 x 300 px; format: JPG
  • Headline and body text length: max. 250 characters including spaces
  • Landing page: url

Display ads

  • Advert size: 560 x 300 px; format: JPG
  • Landing page: url

A click URL can be included in newsletters. Including impression pixels is not supported.

Submitting material

Newsletter material must be submitted seven days prior to their send date via email to

All material deliveries must include at least the following information:

  • Advertiser
  • Campaign: product or service identifier
  • Invoice recipient, if not the advertiser
  • Publishing date or week number
  • Target media: newsletter and ad placement
  • Target url (landing page)
  • Any special requests