Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying
Programmatic buying increases an advertiser’s efficiency significantly. It enables real-time buying through digital channels, detailed targeting to a highly specific audience as well as optimisation.

Programmatic buying helps you target your advertising in real time by utilising bought data. You can purchase programmatic online advertising from A-lehdet through the following services:

  • Adform
  • Google Ad Exchange
  • Rubicon
  • SmartAdServer

All of our online services can be bought programmatically. Our ready-made targeting solutions include different types of demographic data, target audience interests and website content. Our online services are mobile optimised so you can programmatically target your reach to all devices . Our most popular advertising formats include parades for desktop and mobile devices and various rich media solutions, such as swipe.

The A-lehdet network and advertisement placements

The A-lehdet network focuses on five websites:,,, and One domain consists of content and blogs from various different brands.

All websites utilise the same ad placement design. The first advertisement is always located below the header section, regardless of the device. The other ads dynamically load within the content.

Our ad placements utilise the lazy loading technique and take into account factors such as the user’s browsing speed. These solutions enable better viewability.

In addition to traditional display adverts, you can buy programmatic native display advertising from us. Native display advertising is available for purchase on all our websites similarly to normal display advertising. Currently, native display advertising can only be purchased for DV360 (previously DBM). Along with native display advertising, native advertising can be bought through ReadPeak to accompany our content recommendations.


You can buy advertising from the A-lehdet network for all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet. Mobile ad placements load on tablets. Mobile adverts loaded on tablets account for approximately 10% of total downloads within our network, while up to 70% of all downloads take place on mobile devices and roughly 20% on desktop devices. These figures are similar across all websites, and mobile use is highlighted on every site.

Programmatic deals

We recommend that our clients who are buying programmatically utilise a deal, i.e. a Deal ID. Deal is an online advertising buying and selling model, in which target audiences are programmatically bought beforehand for a set CPM price (cost per mille). The deal ensures visibility in a set media environment. Deals are available for Adform and Google’s DV360 (previously DBM), and the programmatic pricing of our deals are based on the size of the adverts. For this reason we mainly offer separate size-based deals for parade ads and tactical ads.

We recommend mainly using office-level deals. However, we are happy to set up customer-specific deals as well, and we also have the possibility to set up campaign-specific deals with different targeting criteria. If you do not have a deal yet, feel free to contact us at

The A-lehdet inventory can also be bought using the programmatic guaranteed buying method, which combines the benefits of direct buying and programmatic buying. Programmatic guaranteed deals are an option when a buyer is using Google’s DV360 as their DSP. With PG deals, you can buy a fixed amount of ad display, similarly to buying direct, and it also simplifies the process of direct buying. Furthermore, PG deals allow real time campaign management on the DSP and easier data-based decision making.

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