A-lehdet Group

A-lehdet Group
A-lehdet Group is a large Finnish media operator formed of A-lehdet, Finnish Design Shop, Genero, Keskisen Kello, Laine Publishing and Satokausi Media.
Published 14.4.2019

The Group is an interesting multi-sector company, a sought-after partner and an attractive employer. We are a pioneer in media content, digital commerce and growth marketing, constantly looking for new growth opportunities and people who are or would like to become the best in the field.

A-lehdet Group is formed of A-lehdet, which specialises in media business, Finnish Design Shop, a leading online store of Nordic design, Genero, a pioneer in growth marketing, Keskisen Kello the largest online retailer of watches and jewellery in Finland, craft magazines and books publishing company Laine Publishing and Satokausi Media, the most accessible food community in Finland.

The story of this family business started in Helsinki in 1933 with the launch of Apu magazine.


We want to bring joy and offer help to people every day. We publish magazines and podcasts, and maintain websites loved by our readers. Our main goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations. Read more about our popular media brands here.

Finnish Design Shop – Pieces of Nordic Happiness

Home is a special place for us for us Northerners. The weather does not always favour lounging at a piazza, which has made us experts of domesticity and cosiness - creating concepts such as hygge, mys and sauna.

Founded in 2004, Finnish Design Shop is the largest online store of Nordic design in the world today. It has premises in Turku and Helsinki.

Genero – The Growth Marketing Co.

An agency that combines strategic, creative and technical expertise with data-driven marketing is in high demand both in Finland and abroad. Genero, founded ten years ago, is part of A-lehdet Group and currently operates in Helsinki, Jakobstad and Stockholm. The company's clients include Pirkka, Fonecta, Unilever, Snellman, OK Perintä and Friends & Brgrs, to name a few.

Read more: Genero

Keskisen Kello – The largest online retailer for watches and jewellery in Finland

Keskisen Kello is an online retailer for watches and jewellery. The growth story began when Jari and Marko Keskinen bought the company from their father in 2009. Keskisen Kello’s core business is formed of their brick and mortar shop in Tuuri, the keskisenkello.fi webshop in Finland and the klockmagasinet.com online store for Swedish consumers. Keskisen Kello is also searching for strong growth opportunities abroad.

Read more: Keskisen Kello

Laine Publishing

Laine Publishing is a Tampere-based craft magazines and books publishing company founded in 2016. What started as a passion project by two women has grown into one of the world's most renowned and beloved independent publishing houses whose products being sold in approximately 50 countries through over 1,000 retailers.

In addition to the international knitting magazine Laine, Laine publishes knitting, craft, and lifestyle literature. Most of the books are released in both Finnish and English, and the translation rights have been sold to various parts of the world.

Read more: Laine Publishing

Satokausi Media

Established in the autumn of 2013, the Satokausi Calendar has developed over the years from a printed product into a social media food community that reaches more than 1.1 million Finns every month.

Satokausi Media Oy's mission has remained the same: to increase the consumption of Finnish vegetables in all diets. The food contents are the core of the Satokausi Calendar, but Satokausi thinking can also be used in local tourism, gardening and housekeeping.

A-lehdet Group’s key figures

  • Roughly 640 staff members
  • Turnover (2022) 145 million euros
  • 20 beloved magazines and five popular online services
  • Finnish Design Shop delivers products to more than 180 countries around the world
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