Here you can read the technical guidelines for preparing and submitting display advertising material.
Published 31.12.2018

Ad formats, sizes and weight limits

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* Desktop and mobile devices, both sizes must be submitted. The advert will be scaled to fill the entire screen.

Technical guidelines

File format: JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML, 3rd party tag

More detailed guidelines: verkkomainos@a-lehdet.fi

All material sent to A-lehdet must use HTTPS.

A click tracker and an impression pixel can be included in all material.

HTML5 materials

Guidelines for using a click tag in HTML5 material.

When creating material with Google Web Designer, the click function can also be added using the following instructions: click to view the instructions.

Display ads containing sound and video

Sound effects must not be automatically activated. The sound may only be activated by a mouseover or a click. Videos may begin running automatically on mute. The design must have clear buttons for pausing the sound and video image.

Digital Front Page

  • Size: 1200 x 1600 px
  • Format: JPG, GIF, PNG, static images only
  • File size: 300 KB
  • Landing page: url

Digital Front Page Video

  • Size: max. 1920 x 1080 px
  • Format: MP4
  • File size: 5 MB
  • Length: max. 30 seconds
  • Landing page: url

Digital Full Page

  • Size: 620 x 891 px
  • Format: JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag
  • File size: max. 200 KB
  • Landing page: url

Native Display Ad

  • Image size: 600 x 500 px illustration, the image should not contain any text
  • Headline: max. 64 characters including spaces
  • File size: max. 100 KB
  • Format: JPG, static images only
  • Landing page: url

In-banner video implemented by A-lehdet

MP4 video file with a click URL.

Swipe available from A-lehdet

  • Requires 4 images with either shared or separate click URLs
  • Sizes: 980 x 400 px, 980 x 120 px, 468 x 400 px, 300 x 300 px and 300 x 250 px
  • Format: JPG, PNG, GIF, static images only
  • Swipe can also be used in wallpaper campaigns

Theme Takeover

We require four types of material for theme sponsoring: parallax material (desktop + mobile) and parade material (desktop + mobile).


  • Desktop devices: 2048 x 1152 px, max. 250 KB
  • Mobile devices: 750 x 1334 px, max. 100 KB
  • Format: JPG, PNG, GIF, static images only
  • Landing page: url


  • Desktop devices: 980 x 400 px
  • Mobile devices: 300 x 300 px

Submitting material

When you make a reservation, you will be sent an e-mail with a material link through which you can submit all the material for your campaign. Click the link to access the material portal. Detailed instructions on how to submit material are provided below.

1. Select the file

Click the Requesting material icon and select the material to be submitted from your files. You can also drag and drop the material to the designated area.

The maximum length of the file name is 32 characters. Allowed characters: uppercase and lowercase letters without Scandinavian letters (A–Z and a–z), numbers 0–9, space, hyphen (-) and underscore (_).

If you are submitting tag material, navigate to the 3rd party tag tab, add the material and click Save.

2. Validation of the material

Your material will be uploaded to the server and validated a few seconds after being uploaded. Once the upload is complete, a preview image of the material will appear on the screen.

If you have several image files for the same campaign, click Add material and repeat the previous steps.

If the material is invalid, the system will notify you that the material has been rejected (for example invalid file size). You can check the notification on the right-side of the screen on the Summary tab.

Make the necessary corrections to the material. Submit the new material by clicking Resubmit and selecting the file to be submitted from your files. You can also drag and drop the new material to the designated area. The new material will replace the previously submitted material.

3. Add the address link

Add the campaign address link (URL) on the Summary tab on the right-hand side of the screen. The address link must begin with https://. You can also use a click tracker instead of a URL. You can also add a pixel tracker to the second field (optional). Click Save.

4. Approve the material

Once you have successfully added all the material for the campaign, click Approve.

The material status will be changed to Complete.

If you have any questions about material submissions, please contact A-lehdet’s B2B sales department at sales@a-lehdet.fi.