Case Vivago: Give a Good Life

Case Vivago: Give a Good Life
A diverse native advertising campaign that supported the launch of the Vivago MOVE™ and Vivago DOMI services to the consumer market.
Published: 24.1.2020


Vivago, a health technology operator, develops smart safety and wellbeing solutions for preventive care. Vivago has been successfully working on the B2B market for 25 years, but to consumers the company and its products are less familiar. How do you take control of a consumer market and communicate the benefits of health technology to the loved ones of aging Finns in a compelling way?


The aim of the campaign was to launch the new consumer products Vivago MOVE™ wellbeing watch and Vivago DOMI safety phone. Furthermore, Vivago wanted to use the campaign to encourage debate about senior care in Finland. The target group was formed by grown-up children of seniors, Finns in their 40s–60s, informal carers and seniors.

Key performance indicators

  • Constructing an image with selected brand attributes
  • Increasing familiarity
  • Boosting consideration level

Vivago chose A-lehdet as its partner because of the latter’s strong content skills and great understanding of the target group.

”We needed a partner who knows the health sector, has produced content that resonates with its recipients and, above all else, had a solid understanding of our intended target group. A-lehdet met all these criteria.”


The population is getting older, and many seniors would like to live at home for as long as possible. However, trust in the future of senior care is fading, and an increasing number of Finns feel worried about the wellbeing of their aging loved ones. It was decided that the campaign’s core message would focus on the thing that everyone wants the people close to them to have – a good life.

To form a background for the campaign and a basis for the public debate, we conducted a study that delved into the everyday challenges that seniors face and identified the main concerns amongst seniors and their loved ones.

A diverse native advertising campaign was designed to form the focal point of the campaign, utilising the study’s findings in the content creation and promoting Vivago’s services as a solution to the concerns of elderly people’s loved ones. The campaign utilised both digital channels and magazines to reach its target audience.


The campaign was kicked off with a study focusing on senior care and the everyday challenges of the elderly. The study linked the campaign to the current status of senior care and provided Vivago with an opportunity to offer fresh angles to the public debate.

The study was conducted through the A-lehdet network in summer 2019, with 922 respondents taking part between 31 May and 9 June 2019. According to the study, two out of three 45–55-year-olds worry about their aging parents’ ability to manage their daily affairs, and their health is a particular cause for concern. The open-ended answers showed that respondents worry about accidents happening while being alone, being able to call for help, general ability to cope, managing daily affairs and feeling lonely.

Nearly half of the respondents (43%) felt that in the future senior care in Finland will be worse than it currently is.

Roughly one in three would be willing to spend money on their parents’ services. The respondents showed the most interest towards acquiring safety and health monitoring solutions and services that support mobility. The open-ended answers emphasised help with daily chores, social needs, human encounters, stimulating activities and meal services.

The results provided up-to-date information about the challenges and concerns of the elderly and their loved ones, and the native content was designed to respond to these.

The native advertising allowed Vivago’s content to reach the target group through digital channels and magazines as part of the existing media and by utilising its means. The study results were extensively used when designing the content, which made it easy for the target group to relate to it. During the campaign’s first phase, the Vivago MOVE™ wellbeing watch was introduced to the audience, while during the second, the focus was shifted to the Vivago DOMI safety phone.

The role of the magazine advertising was to increase familiarity and construct the brand image. The campaign was published in A-lehdet media capable of reaching a large portion of Vivago’s target group. The media channels included Apu, Apu Terveys, Eeva, Kauneus & Terveys, Kotivinkki, Voi hyvin and Unelmien Talo&Koti.

The advertorials of the first campaign phase resonated with the target group’s concerns about how elderly parents living far away can manage their daily affairs. In addition to an emotional story, the advertisements also provided information about the benefits of the Vivago MOVE™ service and responded to the target group’s needs: safety for the elderly, peace of mind for their loved ones.

Initially, the advertorials used two different visual designs whose success was verified with a campaign study. The version that shows a younger and an older person in a warm and caring atmosphere was ultimately chosen. This advertisement was better at attracting consumer attention and created a stronger mental image about Vivago’s products and brand.

In the second campaign phase, the focus was shifted to the Vivago Domi safety phone, which was introduced through the story of 99-year-old Aili and one of her loved ones. In addition to the full-page advertorial, a half-page advertisement was published through the same media channels, increasing the familiarity of Vivago’s services.

Two native articles published in the online health and wellbeing medium also aimed to increase familiarity with Vivago’s services and to form brand images.

The native articles utilised the same method of storytelling as the print media advertorials. They evoked visitors’ emotions and shared peer experiences in caring for aging parents’ wellbeing and helping them manage their daily affairs. In addition to this, the content provided useful information about the features of Vivago’s products.

Read the native articles about the Vivago MOVE™ (click here for the article (in Finnish)) and Vivago DOMI services (click here for the article (in Finnish)).

The native articles were placed on the front page for five days, in addition to which they were displayed in the theme’s category feed. Readers were directed to the native content with a display campaign and A-lehdet newsletters.


The campaign supported the launch of the Vivago MOVE™ and Vivago DOMI services onto the consumer market.

The two native articles reached a total of 27,300 individual readers and achieved 31,800 page loads during the campaign (4 September – 30 December 2019). On average, the visitors spent over three minutes with the articles.

Based on the campaign study, the native advertisements published in digital media and magazines were considered informative and interesting, and the respondents felt that all the campaign adverts were clear, which helped increase familiarity and create positive images.

The campaign enhanced the image of Vivago MOVE™ and Vivago DOMI as reliable and safe products and services. Furthermore, the campaign successfully increased the familiarity and level of consideration, especially amongst consumers who spotted the campaign in several media:

Vivago MOVE™

  • Familiarity 23%
  • Consideration 10%

Vivago DOMI

  • Familiarity 20 %
  • Consideration 10 %
”Not only did the campaign build Vivago’s consumer brand and increase the target group’s familiarity with smart products, the feedback and contacts we received provide valuable information that will support our product and service development in the future."