Case Blå Band

Case Blå Band
The campaign successfully presented Blå Band’s Casseroles as a solution to a challenge that many households face on a daily basis – how to prepare quick, varied and tasty meals during the week.
Published: 7.10.2021


The aim of the campaign was to inspire consumers to try out Blå Band’s Casseroles and make them more widely known. In addition to that, the aim was to provide consumers with ideas as to how they could use familiar meal packs in a new way. The purpose of the content was to reach consumers with families and other individuals with busy lives.


The content was created around chef Henrik Rehbinder, a new food influencer at A-lehdet. In addition to the website, the campaign also used Instagram.


Particularly during the pandemic, consumers have been increasingly interested in cooking, and people are constantly looking for new recipes. Consumers also want to find easier ways of preparing meals, especially on weekdays. This formed the basis for the campaign.

63% of the weekday meal survey respondents say that they sometimes find it difficult to decide what to cook. In addition to a lack of ideas, hectic lives are the biggest obstacle when it comes to weekday meals.
– Weekday meal survey, A-lehdet 2020

Chef Henrik Rehbinder, a food influencer at A-lehdet, was given free rein and various Blå Band Casseroles to test. As a result, he created three imaginative and delicious recipes, which presented new ways of using Blå Band's meal packs in cooking.

Recipes created by Henrik Rehbinder were published in site’s recipe collection, so that all enthusiastic home cooks could easily find them. You can find the recipes here:

The recipes were also linked to a native article, in which Rehbinder gave his best tips for making weekday meals easier, adding flavour to ready meals and tweaking them. The A-lehdet’s audience guarantee brought traffic to the native article.

What is the audience guarantee? The audience guarantee ensures that a native article will have at least 4,500 extra readers, in addition to the organic traffic, during a campaign. Traffic management consists of newsletter highlights, smart content recommendations, social media posts and display advertisements, among other things. A-lehdet is responsible for the measures and scheduling of the audience guarantee and produces the materials for bringing in traffic.

Rehbinder also shared tips for easy weekday meals, prepared two dishes and answered the viewers’ questions during a live cooking session on Meillä Kotona’s Instagram account. The live session was advertised in advance on Meillä Kotona’s Instagram account, through both the feed and stories.


The campaign attracted the target group’s attention well. The recipes and the native article had over 25,000 unique readers and nearly 33,000 visits. The quick cabbage casserole made with Blå Band Mexican was the most popular recipe, and Henrik Rehbinder also prepared this dish during his live cooking session.

All the materials published online had more readers than articles do on average, and the time spent to read them showed that the readers took their time to absorb the information. The live session attracted followers from as far away as California, and the participants used the opportunity well to ask Rehbinder for tips. During the broadcast, many viewers also said that they would be testing the recipes. The live broadcast was recorded, and the total number of followers of the content was nearly 10,000.

The Blå Band campaign was highly successful. Combining an influencer, social media and a native article created good results. It was interesting to test Instagram Live, and it worked well. All of the content was interesting and of high quality – it managed to inspire consumers to try the brand and spend a lot of time becoming familiar with it.
– GB Foods Suomi, Tessa Ramm-Schmidt, Brand Manager
Client: GB Foods Finland
Tessa Ramm-Schmidt
Ranza Diven,
Jaana Vainio,
Erik Rauhala
Henrik Rehbinder
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